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Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

Crispy Florida Rock Shrimp sandwichThere really isn't much I can say about Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, except: Go!  This place offers delicious creations that are prepared with local ingredients and are always fresh.  You'll see why this is such a highly recognized spot! If you happen to be there for lunch, order the Crispy Florida Rock Shrimp Sandwich (pictured above)... I am still having dreams about it.  If you happen to be there for dinner, don't miss the pork belly, ceviche, or the rice cake (not pictured here)- the truth is, I couldn't wait to take the pictures, I just ate them.  However, on another visit I did manage to exercise more self control and took these... Now, I'll just have to let the food speak for itself ;)

Penne with braised beef "sugo", homemade organic ricotta, lemon zest & parmigiano.Rigatoni with pesto, grilled chicken and heirloom tomato salad Steak and fries. Simple and to the point. ;)

Buen provecho! xoxo, Ro

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