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The Lost and Found Saloon

Miami is full of great, fancy trendy places to dine.  But sometimes, you just want to kick back in a much more relaxed atmosphere, have a delicious down home meal and wash it down with an ice-cold glass of even better beer. Enter, The Lost and Found Saloon. This place was recommended by a friend who is a regular.  Now, after trying it out for myself, I'm happy to say this: KB my man, (that's the owner) you've got the formula, and I'm hooked! Let's get right to the good stuff: the food was dee-lishhh! (that was my Southern accent). We started with some refreshing beers.  Blueberry wheat ales and Monk in the Trunk belgian ambers please! But you can't just sit there drinking! You're gonna wanna try the entrees, believe me!  I ordered the Posse Energy Burrito.  Now, they have a system where you can add any "add-on" (get it? hehe), like chicken, steak, pulled pork, etc, and make it your own!  I went with the pulled pork...oh yeah.  That pork was pulled off a magic pig. One of my friends ordered the steak, chicken and mahi tacos, each of which I had to try, of course.  Those were good, but I clearly remember saying "oh wow" when I tried my other friend's order of the chicken Posse Club Burrito. Yup, that's a Posse Club Burrito if I ever had one! We went the smart route and ordered dessert.  A cookie a la mode.  Sorry, I wasn't clear.  A peanut butter cup cookie, that is.  Let me just say this: is there anything better than double scoops of vanilla ice cream served over chocolate peanut butter cups baked right into a soft warm cookie?  If I have to explain it any further to you, you haven't lived. 

Oh! But let me not forget about one of my favorite things about this place. Did someone say Happy Hour? No. No one said it, because that's not what we call it 'round these parts.  Giddy-up Hour is more like it!  Plus, they have these theme days like Taco Tuesdays or 2 for 1 Thirstdays, so you have an excuse to go any day of the week. Not that you need one, but in case anyone asks.  Oh yeah, one more thing - they're open late: 11 AM - 3 AM every day.  So, why go to some all-night fluorescent diner where nothing food ever happens after 10 PM, when you can hit up this spot where the food is just as good at 2 AM, as it is at 8 PM.  Try them, you'll feel right at home ;) It reminded me a lot of that place, what was it called...a place where everybody knows your name...? Oh well, the name escapes me right now. Anyway, cheers everyone! ;)

xoxo, Ro

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Hahaha, "nothing food ever happens". Been to too many of those fluorescent spots, I'm trying this!

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarilondono

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