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There are many things to do in Miami: catch a show, check out the nightlife, go to the beach and...oh yeah! eat at delicious restaurants! I'd like to share my dining experiences around this great city, along with my thoughts on all things food, all while sharing some delicious recipes! :) I hope you enjoy! xoxo, Ro


Chorizo Mussels

I would like to write a clever and witty blog about this dish, but I am too busy and distracted eating this delicious appetizer to concentrate even just a little bit.  Absolute heaven! Try this recipe and taste for yourself!

xoxo, Ro ;)


The Turkey Bowl...

Thanksgiving is coming up and though I won't be posting a recipe on how to make the perfect turkey just yet, I will start by telling you what you can do with the leftover turkey the day after! Yup. Sometimes, I like to work backwards... like when I read a magazine... it's just what I do. I decided to go with a hot soup because last night was another cold night here in the old MIA, and I was in the cuddly/ comfort food mood. It's nice to take cooking inspirations from the weather, because then it's easy to shake it up.  I mean, this is Miami. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.  But I digress. Let's see... turkey is the kind of holiday food that knows how to keep on giving...and with this recipe, you'll know just how to receive it! So give it to us you 24 lb bird! We can take it! Try this turkey and dumplings recipe, it's easy and a sure crowd pleaser :) Buen provecho!

xoxo, Ro ;)


Pumpkin and Spice and Everything Nice...

Ahhh Halloween... The only time a year I let my boyfriend rent a scary movie. Literally. The only time. I'm not a fan of the scary movies.  I believe the last time I saw a scary movie in theatres was when "The Others" came out.  I cried tears of fear when that little old lady opened the closet. Last year, we rented "The Strangers." I was the only one screaming. So, you see, I am a scare-dy cat. This Halloween however, we made our scarefest a little more bearable for my taste by incorporating pumpkin carving and creating a delicious pumpkin recipe!...I'd say we had a boo-tiful night. Just kidding, that wasn't funny. But seriously, it was very spook-tacular... No? Anyway, I took inspiration from the gorgeous pumpkins we carved and this cooler weather we're getting. This being Miami, we don't get very many of these "colder" days, so time to take advantage! When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than enjoying a nice hot bowl of comfort food. Enter, the pumpkin and lentil stew! As recommended by Chef Diego, I used pumpkin spice to give it that "fall flavor." You can check out the recipe here. You'll love it! I think you'll find it beary be-witching... Your family will really be goblin' it up...ok. So go carve some pumpkins, roast some seeds and curl up next to your loved ones with a good scary flick while enjoying some pumpkin lentil stew. It doesn't get any more Halloween than that! Oh, unless you go trick or treating or to a costume party, that's very Halloween too.

Roasted pumpkin seeds. With canola oil and salt, at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.I hope you enjoy! For now, I'll leave you with a picture of our carved pumpkins...I'd say they're terror-ific. Ok I'm gonna stop that. I don't know how Austin Powers did it.

Steel-Town and Pock-OHappy Halloween! xoxo, Ro ;)


Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

 ArugulaI didn't really want to write to review this place.  The truth is, it's pretty straight forward. I like Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.  When you really don't know what to go for, you can just stroll in and order those delicious ribs. Their pizza is good, and their wings are good too. However,The purpose of this piece is to make a plea: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, PLEASE get some sauce! I said a few words ago that their wings are good.  They are well prepared, very juicy and yes, they do have those caramelized onions and focaccia bread to accompany them, but still.  Those fixings, while fantastic, will never replace the sauce! I understand it may be the chef's preference to serve them the way they are in order to introduce a new taste to customers, which is great. I'm not asking for a change in recipe. I'm simply saying that I was a bit disappointed that when I did ask for some sauce from the waitress I was informed that they didn't have any anywhere in the restaurant. Not so much as a ketchup bottle (which is never my choice but I would have been desperate enough even at that point). The waitress also informed me that it's a common request from customers. So, there it is.  The wings are good on their own but as tasty as they are, they are still missing that certain je ne sais sauce...

Coal Oven Roasted Chicken WingsOn a more positive note, I can't conclude without mentioning those ribs.  The aren't your typical BBQ ribs, they are oven roasted and served with vinegar peppers. They are so juicy that you won't even miss the sauce.  Do yourself a favor and go try the ribs.  You'll love them. Then, while you're at it, do them a favor, order the wings and demand the sauce!

  Pork Ribs with Vinegar Peppers Buen Provecho! xoxo, Ro ;)

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Fratelli La Bufala

Prosecco and FocacciaHave you ever wanted to eat your way through Europe like Julia Roberts did in that movie? Or forget about a terrible, nearly crippling divorce by abandoning your life and moving to Tuscany and learn how to really eat like Diane Lane did in that other movie? Yea, me too! Ehh... let me be clear: I have selective memory, so when I reference these movies, I am only speaking of the food. How amazing did all that food look?!? Now, I know Miami is a long way from Italy but if you wanna eat, pray, love it up like Julia did, Fratelli La Bufala is a good start! (for the food part anyway). I'm telling you people, this is where the real Italian food is!! I came accross this place one night after a gig on South Beach. I am hooked. The place itself has an elegantly simple, relaxed atmosphere, which I am a huge fan of. My guess is, however, you will be more enchanted with the food.

Left: La Bufalata, Right: Affettati MistiWe started with some prosecco, focaccia, and a platter of italian cheeses, cured meats, and marinated veggies. Yes. THAT is how you start a meal...sort of a way to let your stomach know what the business is. I can't go through all the dishes that were ordered because there were like nine of us at that table, but I can definitely recommend the following (all pictured below):

Top: Tortiglioni Alla Nerano, Bottom Left: Garganelli, Bottom Right: PaccheriI had the Tortiglioni Alla Nerano: zucchini, provola cheese, cherry tomatoes, and speck in a creamy white sauce. Speck, I was told, is a type of smoked Italian ham. Delicious. However, if you are on a date and are only going to order two main dishes, let them be these: the Garganelli and the Paccheri.  Garganelli is a type of pasta, but in this menu, it's a bowl made purely of parmesan cheese that is filled with garganelli, bufala sausage, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and cacio bufala cheese in a creamy white sauce. I should have had you at "bowl made of parmesan cheese." Paccheri, is also just a type of pasta. In this menu however, it's tossed with sauteed bell peppers, eggplant and smoked bufala mozzarella in a cherry tomato sauce.  What a delight. Our band director, who is always yelling in Italian, said it tasted like it came right out of Grandma's kitchen.  If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is! Take my advice and do the eat pray love thing there. Although, in my case I would pray first then eat. Love always. 

Buen provecho! xoxo, Ro ;)

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